Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares are a great way to connect with your local farm while stocking up on the fresh products you love. We offer a variety of unique CSA options to meet your family’s specific needs.


Make sure to check out our new CSA offerings for 2021! Our new Salad Share and Local Meal Starter Kits provide recipes and ingredients for delicious healthful dishes and feature other local products and food makers that we think you'll love. If you enjoy hot peppers as much as we do, make sure to check out our salsa share!


Shares make great gifts for the gardeners & foodies in your life!

For more information or if you have any questions about CSA membership,

email valerie@honeyfieldfarmvt.com or call (802) 649-1500.


With a Free Choice CSA, you'll receive a CSA card with credit you can spend down throughout the year. Your CSA credit can be used at your convenience to purchase any of the products we sell. As a Free Choice member, you can place orders online for farm-side pick up or local delivery, or shop in person at the store. Great for folks who want freedom in when and how they use their CSA share!


Spend your credit on anything we sell, including:

  • Fresh organic produce

  • Our abundant nursery of annual and perennial flowers 

  • Organic veggie and herb starts for your garden

  • Our unique line of artisan farm-sourced preserves, hot sauces, and more


Share Sizes: 

  • Full Share: $500 gives you $550 in credit

  • Half Share: $250 gives you $265 in credit

  • Quarter Share: $100 gives you $105 in credit

We ask that Free Choice CSA members use their credit by the end of the year, or donate the remainder to Willing Hands.




The Salad Share offers ingredients and simple recipes to create colorful salads packed with flavor. Each box is designed to help you sample the flavors of the Upper Valley and each week we highlight a different local product that we love.


This share includes 12 boxes, every other week from mid May through mid October.


Each box includes: 

  • Recipe for salad and homemade dressing

  • Our organic greens, veggies, edible flowers and herbs

  • Handmade croutons by Artisan Eats Vermont 

  • A featured ingredient from one of our favorite local food makers, including Blake Hill Preserves, Hall Apiaries, Side Hill Cider Mill, Tiger Town Farm, and more!


Share Sizes: 

  • Single Share: $325, makes 3-5 servings per box

  • Double Share: $425, makes 6-8 servings per box


Learn new ways to spruce up the salad bowl and delight your taste buds!

Salad Share.jpg


Take a culinary tour of the Upper Valley this summer and master recipes you’ll come back to again and again! This unique CSA share includes 16 meal starter kits that you will pick up weekly from July through October. 

Each kit will allow your family to create a delicious, vegetable-focused local dish and will highlight a local product that we love—we think you’ll find new favorites too! You'll receive your weekly recipe on Sunday along with suggested meal pairings, so you can plan ahead for when you pick up your kit later that week.


Each meal starter kit includes:

  • All the ingredients you need to create a 4 or 8 serving dish including our organic veggies, herbs, and edible flowers

  • A featured ingredient from one of our favorite local food makers, including Blake Hill Preserves, Artisan Eats Vermont, Root 5 Farm, Butterfly Bakery, and more!

  • A simple recipe created by a local chef, farmer, or artisanal food maker (pizza, tacos, stir fry dishes and more)


Share Sizes: 

The local meal starter kit provides ingredients for a 4 or 8 servings dish, with suggested pairings that stretch the meal to 8 or 16 servings. 

  • Single Share: $175, makes 4 servings per box

  • Double Share: $225, makes 8 servings per box




Learn basic preservation techniques and preserve your own fresh veggies and herbs at the peak of their flavor. With this fun CSA share, you'll get to try out unique recipes for pickles, ferments, sauces, and more. If you choose the Stockpile Share, you'll get to explore more simple ways to preserve veggies and stock up the pantry or freezer. Or Spice It Up and add hot peppers to your share!


This share includes 9 or 16 boxes from July–October.


Each box includes:

  • A simple, unique recipe

  • Ingredients for 4 quarts of preserved veggies and herbs. ​​


Share Sizes: 

  • Preserves Share: $150, for 9 bi-weekly boxes featuring fun recipes to transform fresh veggies into artisan preserves

  • Stockpile Share: $250, for 16 weekly boxes, includes Preserves Share plus 7 simple recipes to freeze or dry bulk veggies

  • Spice It Up for $25 to add hot peppers to artisan preserves recipes 

Preserves Share.jpg


Impress family and friends with homemade salsas and sauces! This spicy share offers recipes and ingredients so you can make your own fresh salsas and hot sauces throughout the season. This is a fun way to explore flavorful new kinds of hot peppers and try out recipes with customizable heat levels.


This share includes 4 boxes, once a month from July - October.


Each box includes: 

  • Recipe and ingredients to make 2 quarts of fresh salsa or hot sauce

  • One of Honey Field Farm’s specialty hot pepper preserves


Share sizes: ​

  • Single Share: $125, makes 2 quarts of salsa/hot sauce per box




The Share a Share program uses donations for Willing Hands to purchase fresh organic veggies for families, seniors and children in need throughout the Upper Valley. 


Consider supporting our community’s food security by donating a CSA share to Willing Hands. We are donating a 10% match in additional credit for each share donated. 


To learn more about this program, click here


Share Sizes: 

  • Full Share: $500, provides $550 in credit for Willing Hands

  • Half Share: $250, provides $275 in credit for Willing Hands

  • Quarter Share: $100, provides $110 in credit for Willing Hands


Thank you for supporting our community!